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The American Banana Republic

07 Ocak 2021 - 19:03

I’ve been living in Washington for about 50 years but I’ve never seen anything like it!

The American Parliament invaded by protestors.

From the U.S. perspective a fiasco!

American prestige in tatters…

A severe blow for the U.S.A, a superpower.

Its’ image badly damaged.

Let’s begin by reviewing today’s events.
1) Results from yesterday’s Senate races in Georgia indicate that the states two senate seats have gone to the Democrats giving Biden control of the Senate.

2) Pro Trump far right groups organize a demonstration in Washington. Trump incites the crowd telling them “The election was stolen. We’re not going to give up”.

3) One of America’s leading CEO’s publishes a letter expressing his expectation that there will be a peaceful transfer of power.

4) At 1 pm objections to the certification of Biden’s victory by the Electoral College grow. The speeches drag on….

5) The protestors invade the ‘Capitol or American Parliament” causing the evacuation of Representatives and Senators.

You viewed the rest!

While writing a last sentence…

Donald Trump appears on screens stating “The election was stolen from us. But don’t fall for this trap. Return to you homes peacefully”

Regular readers will remember these lines.

In the first months of the pandemic, I wrote an analysis recalling Malcolm X in which I stated “social fault lines have expanded; there will be an explosion amongst African-Americans”. We all observed the events precipitated by the police killing of George Floyd.

I wrote afterward that “American Police departments are a mosaic. There are 10,000 police departments in America; this is a weakness”. My observations then came into full focus with today’s events.

The American Parliament or Capitol is protected by an independent force called the “Capitol Police”

Including its’ management cadre, it includes a total of 2,300 personnel.

The Parliament’s police force weaknesses became apparent with the march of tens of thousand’s individuals at once. The Parliament’s corridors became the backdrop for selfie takers.

But let’s not forget the main point-there is a serious division in the society – Trump supporters see Trump and  themselves as patriotic. They believe the election was stolen (remember the 4 voting ballots that came to my address!) and also that the Democrats represent minorities to a large degree.

Remember the recent 5-thousand-page relief bill which was seen as inadequate by Trump supporters.

The bill provided for individuals to receive $600 in government stimulus relief.

Trump objected stating that “I would like $2,000 per person”. Of course, there were additional issues causing discomfort such as the insertion of objectionable provisions (in large part under the influence of various lobbies).

Remember! The Trump movements slogan is “America First”.

A closer look at the provisions of the 5-thousand-page bill;

$1.5 billion for the American supported and abetted Egyptian regime of General Sisi.

$500 million in grants for Israel.

Millions in aid the LBGT movement in Pakistan…

And dozens more of these types of expenditures…

Trumps supporters are saying “$600 won’t cut it! We’ve gone under due to the Pandemic…”

Bear in Mind: A single tool filling in America costs $500.

To sum up…

This is not a coup as the American CNN type liberal media groups would have us believe.

These people are not terrorists. 50% of the population is expressing its’ disenchantment with both uncontrolled immigration and the corrosive impact of “Big Money” upon elections.

While scenes reminiscent of a banana republic were being broadcast live, the New York Stock Exchange reached an all-time high, a perfect example of the stark divergence between the elites and the average person on the street.

The end result…

Firstly, the Trump supporters’ riot is a warning to the other 50%.

Second, Trump is sending a warning to Biden: “I’m leaving office but you will reap the whirlwind if you come after me.

A final warning made to myself: This is a super power which possess a nuclear arsenal able to obliterate the earth seven times over. God Protect Us!

Translation: Deniz Mehmed


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